An Awesome Platform

I met with the Lombardi’s at “Lombardi American Weapons” (LAW), to look at the LAW 15 that they were producing.  From the inception of our meeting it was apparent that this was not just some new company getting into the AR-15 build market.   This is an experienced compliment of gun manufacturers and custom firearm builders with years behind them that well exceed my existence on this earth.   I was shown the build process from raw block to sculpted completion that thoroughly impressed me.    The machining and design for this AR was not only beautiful, but built for strength, function and ease of maintenance.      I am not only a firearm enthusiast and sportsman, but firearms have been an intrical part of my life.  From the age of ten I have used firearms for sporting, competition and recreation.  This lead to my service with the U.S Army for approximately 5 yrs, where I was an Armorer and Range Master.   Following Military service I began a career in Law Enforcement and have been a Range Master and Weapons Officer Since 1998.  During the aforementioned years I have extensively used, maintained and fired variations of the AR-15 platform.  I feel that I have a very competent knowledge of the AR platform.    LAW provided me with a demo test gun to put through the motions. During the initial inspection and dry functions test on the gun, I noted the following: The gun was very well put together and designed.  It was very tight with exceptional machined tolerances. It was smooth in operation and the trigger was crisp, yet not rough.  The trigger pull tested out at six pounds, yet was smooth.  In place of “roll pins” were threaded pins and the “forward assist” was much shorter than normal and pushed forward to the heavy and angled design of the brass deflector.  For anyone that has dealt with roll pins, this is a huge feature.  The forward assist was much easier to access than most with this design.  The brass deflector was much larger than most variations and had a sharper forward angle to it.   The gun was fitted with a “Voodoo Tactical” 16 ½” heavy barrel with 1/7 twist.  It had a low profile gas block and free floating “Diamond Head” hand guard with rail system the full length of the top and with a perfect match up to the upper rail system of the upper receiver.  The stock was from “FAB defense and was a six position collapsible with a five round mag for emergency backup.   The pistol grip was also from “FAB defense” and had finger grooves and a very nice feel to it.  The barrel was fitted with a custom single chamber muzzle brake, with swirled venting grooves that blended for a very nice look.   The Mag well was tapered and beveled at the bottom for ease of magazine feeding. This is a beautiful firearm!!  Now off to the range.   At the range I had seven different types of ammunition to fire through the gun, consisting of Speer, Winchester, Remington, Wolf, Tulo, Federal and hand loads.  I used six different types of magazines, half poly and half metal.  All magazines seated perfectly and fed rounds with zero malfunction or problem with the varying mixture of ammunition.  The gun shot very well and maintained accuracy as it got hot up to 260 rounds.  I noted while firing the gun that the brass deflector design and positioning sent the ejected brass down and away from the weapon in a 45 degree direction and all of the brass was in a nice little pile, verse most variations that send it up and away, or all over the place.  The design of the muzzle brake effectively controlled the recoil and muzzle jump.  I was very pleased with the function and performance of this firearm.  It fired flawlessly and in my opinion would be of good use for competition or sporting needs.